Monday, May 24, 2010

101 Things I Love

fresh flowers
breezy evenings
freshly brewed, strong coffee
hand written notes
vintage cabinet knobs
new friends
perfectly cooked grilled veggies
inspiring recipes
flower fairies
books, books and more books
children, especially mine
"Bottle Shock"
pretty linens
Neutrogena Body Oil
Stargazer lilies
pink lipstick (preferably Chanel)
the pool ~ pretty certain I can't live without one, especially in HOUSTON
All things paper!
to be continued...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eggplant and Almond Enchiladas on the Grill

It would have all been fine, the FOUR hours it took me to make the eggplant and almond enchiladas. It would have all been fine, until I realized that I'd used nutmeg instead of cumin in my first batch of red sauce. It would have all been fine, until the blender exploded on me when I tried to puree the NEW batch of red sauce. It would have all been fine...until I put the enchiladas into the oven guessed it...the oven stopped working!!! Yes, I tell you the just stopped! That's when all that would have been fine turned out to be PERFECT!!! I put the enchiladas in an iron skillet and rushed them to the grill. Yes, grilled enchiladas. YUMMY!!!! I'll never make them in the oven to grilling I go... :o)

Tonight's menu: chili pie, mexican grilled corn on the cob and stuffed jalapenos ~ ALL ON THE GRILL!! Now, let's just hope the propane doesn't run out!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What if a vegetarian won the TX steak cook-off...just saying!!!

Hi-Co, Hi-Co, Off to Grill We Go!!!

Seven hours after our departure from Houston on May 15, 2010, yes...SEVEN HOURS... we finally arrived in Hico, TX. We departed on this journey to support 3 of our family members, coined the Rib-I-Rebels. Our arrival was highly anticipated (or so we'd prefer to believe) because certain family members were convinced the city folk wouldn't make it; we were pleased to prove them wrong!

A cooler full of small memories will stay with us forever (blow-up beds, stinky arm pits, fleas, karaoke, the margarita machine, the tail gate), but the most important memory for me is the one of family. Family: those people you can't choose like you choose friends; but for me, people I'd choose anyways...especially as friends. The cook-off on Saturday was full of family, good times, a lot of ale, wine, champagne, and yes...BEEF.

It's true ~ I went home hungry!

Nevertheless, I was full of love and the spirit of camaraderie. Our Rebels weren’t the official winners, but they were winners in our hearts and in the stomachs of everyone that filed in line when the public steak grilling began. It was a proud moment for everyone, indeed!

But the question remains in my mind…what if, just think about it for a minute…what IF a vegetarian won that contest? Stranger things have happened…